Friday, July 2, 2010

Where do I begin

to catch up? When one gets as behind as I am in blogging, one must start with today!
On in this case, yesterday.

Here is Peggy watching Cricket cut out paper dolls for the parade.


See all the excited dollies we have cut out, pieced together & clothed?

No streakers allowed at our parade, although I suppose that would get AHG into the paper BUT it would not be in line with our motto of raising women of integrity so no matter how HOT & MUGGY the weather > the dolls shall remain clothed. I know you are much relieved.

Now we are not doing this because we like to play with paperdolls but because we love our daughters who will once again this year be on a float in the Independence Day parade with their American Heritage Girls troop - providing it doesn't get rained out.

See, these little paper AHGers have no rain gear...

unless today we can find some place to laminate them. In that case, they'll be better prepared than the girls. :-)

United we stand as One Nation under God.


SmlTwnLdy said...

those dolls are cute!

At what time does the parade start? I know there are signs around town, but I haven't read them...that's good...I'm keeping my eyes on the road. :)


Patti said...

I believe it begins at 11

Alice said...

and they turned out really, really cute! (i love my cricut!) we use it all the time. i saw peggy's pix on FB, too. looks like you all had a great time :)