Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ten Stories NOT in the News

I found this to be interesting & thought you might also:


Reminded me that things that go on in the world reflect things that happen in individual lives. Do you, as I do, spend too much time focusing in one or two areas that other things may be neglected, MAYBE on purpose?

My choices for my life will not have the long term consequences for the world that the above mentioned government policies will, if passed. Sigh!! Yet as this morning's Bible reading & Pastor's Sunday sermon (May All Who Come Behind Me Find Me Faithful) point out, my decisions will certainly impact my own life awa that of those around me.

So I want to do it right! Only with God's help is a semblance of that even remotely possible.

Lord, help me to see all that I'm supposed to & not neglect things that need attention. Please open the eyes of our government leaders that they will not continue down this destructive path of socialism. Please open the eyes of the nation to see the truth and let Your Truth set us all free.

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