Tuesday, July 6, 2010

United We Stand One Nation Under God

Two Pioneers pose {you earn an extra 5 points if you can identify the person in the van} as they will carry our American Heritage Girls banner in front of our float. We are parked in our spot putting the finishing touches on everything (and everyone) preparing to walk in the parade > sunscreen on everyone and plenty of water bottles as we nearly roasted last year. Of course, rain was predicted for 11 a.m., parade start time.

Photo shoot time while we wait for the judges to drive past. Jacqui named our float theme One Nation Under God.

Here's my group of Pioneer/Patriots. Rachel is excited about being the first Patriot (high school age) in the group.

The uniformed paper dolls, standing in AHG unit order:
pathfinder (blue T), tenderheart (red vest), explorer (blue vest), pioneer(sash/white shirt), patriot (sash/red shirt) -
spell out the parade theme "United We Stand". Peggy was so organized!!

And we are off! See me in the red, white & blue floral hat? :-)

Stan & Caleb came to watch. The big guys & Maryn had to work.

Here's the view into "downtown"

and the rear view.
As we rode along, we sang the AHG creed and oath songs. Ms Traci kept telling the girls, "Louder!"
I told them, "Smile and wave!"

I enjoyed seeing some folks getting into the spirit of the day. God bless America!

Many smiled and waved back at us. It was fun seeing many friends in the crowd - a benefit of living in a small town. :-) Sometimes people applauded when the girls got to the end of a song.

"I have a creed (I have a creed) That I live by (that I live by) that helps me choose (that helps me choose) the way that's right (the way that's right). I have a creed that I live by that helps me choose the way that's right. I'll be compassionate, helpful and honest. I'll be loyal, perseverant and pure. I'll be resourceful, respectful, responsible and reverent. This will be my creed..."

How can you prove you are patriotic? Just decorate your livestock!

Here we are close to the downtown craft show. Doesn't Laran's hair look beautiful?

Some of the girls handed out leaflets telling about AHG which they offered to families with girls.
There's my Rachel in her red patriot shirt.

See how thrilled the girls are to have won the "Best Youth Float" trophy for the second year in a row, the second year of our troop existance?

More important are the young lives, impacted, we leaders & parents pray, by the AHG themes and goals: building women of integrity, promising to love God, cherish their family, honor their country and serve in their community, remembering what an American Heritage Girl is supposed to be to help them choose the Way that is Right.

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