Monday, March 23, 2009

Take a Hike

Set construction for the Lake Area Easter Pageant started today but I forgot my camera SO no photos of that yet but I still have tons from Texas however first, how about some more scouting?

Last weekend Stan & Caleb embarked on the new adventure of hiking & camping Boy Scout style. A two nighter. Carrying in to the camp site everything they need to eat, drink, sleep & "scout" all weekend.
Weighing (no more than 30 lbs!)and packing their specialized backpacks (Stan ebayed to get his) kept my guys busy for a couple of days. At Tuesday's scout meeting the tents were divided up to pack - two scouts to a tent. They packed their sleeping bags & ground mats - weather was predicted to be cold - in the 40s at night & just touching 70 on Saturday.

Stan purchased instant grits for breakfast, snacks of nuts and granola bars, & one of each of Zateran's Ready to Serve Complete for lunch & supper to heat with their tiny homemade "cat can stoves" in their compact cooking kit then eat with their spoon/fork combos.

I wasn't sure how they would do hauling so much for up to 8 miles hiking BUT they survived, had a good, albeit windy time. Caleb even talked about jogging for part of the trek.
I remember being that energetic. If I tried jogging with 30 pounds on my back today, I'm sure I'd feel like Caleb looks in this photo. LOL!


Transparent Tulip said...

LOL!Never boring with children.

Alice said...

Sounds fun - if I was Caleb's age again :O). Actually, it sounds like something I would have done in high school. I'm proud of Stan for going with Caleb - not all dads would do that. I'm just glad they both made it back home no worse for the experience :O). How's that for some "positivity"?

And, I read your blog everyday, even when I don't comment :O), so "hello" right back at ya!

Patti said...

Too true Transparent Tulip!

Thanks, Alice. I always appreciate your encouraging words. Love ya!