Monday, March 23, 2009

Take a Hike

Set construction for the Lake Area Easter Pageant started today but I forgot my camera SO no photos of that yet but I still have tons from Texas however first, how about some more scouting?

Last weekend Stan & Caleb embarked on the new adventure of hiking & camping Boy Scout style. A two nighter. Carrying in to the camp site everything they need to eat, drink, sleep & "scout" all weekend.
Weighing (no more than 30 lbs!)and packing their specialized backpacks (Stan ebayed to get his) kept my guys busy for a couple of days. At Tuesday's scout meeting the tents were divided up to pack - two scouts to a tent. They packed their sleeping bags & ground mats - weather was predicted to be cold - in the 40s at night & just touching 70 on Saturday.

Stan purchased instant grits for breakfast, snacks of nuts and granola bars, & one of each of Zateran's Ready to Serve Complete for lunch & supper to heat with their tiny homemade "cat can stoves" in their compact cooking kit then eat with their spoon/fork combos.

I wasn't sure how they would do hauling so much for up to 8 miles hiking BUT they survived, had a good, albeit windy time. Caleb even talked about jogging for part of the trek.
I remember being that energetic. If I tried jogging with 30 pounds on my back today, I'm sure I'd feel like Caleb looks in this photo. LOL!


Anonymous said...

LOL!Never boring with children.

Alice said...

Sounds fun - if I was Caleb's age again :O). Actually, it sounds like something I would have done in high school. I'm proud of Stan for going with Caleb - not all dads would do that. I'm just glad they both made it back home no worse for the experience :O). How's that for some "positivity"?

And, I read your blog everyday, even when I don't comment :O), so "hello" right back at ya!

Patti said...

Too true Transparent Tulip!

Thanks, Alice. I always appreciate your encouraging words. Love ya!