Monday, March 16, 2009

Helping the Rebelutionaries

Have you ever been proud of kids you've watched grow-up, even if you NEVER MET THEM?

The Harris kids have been in the spotlight for as long (or longer) as I've homeschooled, so I feel like I've watched them grow up.

I was thrilled with Josh Harris' success with his I Kissed Dating Goodbye books and seminars as well as Boy Meets Girl.

Then his younger brothers, the twins Alex & Brett, surprised the world with their successful Rebelution blog and book Do Hard Things. Now they are working on a follow-up book that does more than trace their path. In their words:

If Do Hard Things was the manifesto of the movement, we want this to be a handbook or field guide for rebelutionaries. That’s why we need your help.

If you’ve read Do Hard Things, we want to hear about your experience applying its message to your life. We want this new book to share your stories, answer your questions, and address the obstacles you’ve faced in your efforts.

Here’s a basic framework of what we’re looking for — but don’t let it limit you!

Share a story of a hard thing, big or small, that you have done.
What were your fears and hopes ahead of time?
How did it go?
What are your reflections now on what you did?
What obstacles have you encountered when doing hard things or trying to get started?

What have been your disappointments?

There is a deadline of March 31st. Sounds like a great opportunity to help them help others. If you are interested in participating, here is where you can get information on contributing your experiences: The Rebelution: We Need Your Help

Yes, we have this book in the library. :-)


Alice said...

sounds good, patti! i have always admired these boys, too. i was talking with kali about them the other day.

daynagonzalez said...

Happy Anniversary! You got married on a good grandmother, cousin and Tammy Anderson were all born today. :o)