Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Through Teen Eyes

Today I took Andrew to work. Not a big deal, I do it often.

Not long after I returned home, Jacob left to go to Maryn's house. Also not unusual.

Today's difference was that for the past few weeks on Mondays, Jacob has been taking Andrew to work, staying in town to visit Maryn then bringing Andrew home when he gets off work.

Caleb (age 14) could not understand it.

"Why did Jacob go into town?"

"Didn't you (mom) take Andrew to work?"

"Did Jacob need to go to Walgreens?"

"Did he need to deposit his check or get out some cash?"

"Did he have a dentist appointment?"

"Did Jacob need to go to town for ANYTHING?"

I explained that even though Maryn's birthday dinner plans had changed (She turned 20 Saturday & told me that she feels old. Hm. I remember feeling old when I turned 20 but strangely enough I do NOT feel all that old right now. SO, a question to ponder is does that make one OLDER at age 20 than at 40something? But I digress...) even though plans had changed, Jacob didn't know what time he would be finished visiting and was riding his bike so he wouldn't be bringing Andrew home either.

"He's only going into town so he can see Maryn?
What a waste of time!"

He rolled his eyes, shook his head and left the room. I snickered as I thought about how one day his tune will change.
I'll make sure to tease him then. :-)

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