Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Games People Play

One of the cool things about Stan's folks is that they enjoy playing games. When we lived in TX we'd often go to their house after church on Sunday nights to play dominoes and eat up all the lunch leftovers. When they visit us, we play games that they like such as GOLF, Mexican Train (dominoes) and Phase Ten.

Maryn joined us in a game or two.

Mom C likes Scrabble too. Check out the interesting word she made instead of "MACHINES" LOL!

Sometimes we teach them games we like such as Blockus (which Rachel claims to hate but regularly WINS) and Rumikub - which I won twice.

Caleb, Andrew & Rachel didn't try to teach them the Star Wars cards game. They've robbed dice from I don't know how many different board games and use k'nex pieces too. I've played a couple of times but still can't keep up with all the rules.

M & D also went to horseback & got to ride with Ms. Cindy.
Sometimes they got tired of games & just needed to relax with the paper.

I expect Mom's looking for more words to use in Scrabble!

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mCHRISTe said...

I used to love playing "golf" (cards) with my grandparents in NY. Now I can't remember it; we need to have a game day!!

BTW, if you haven't already, you should try some Gamewright card games; they are excellent. We love "Sleeping Queens" and "Moose in the House." "Loot" is an interesting strategy game that they make as well.