Friday, June 6, 2008

All Their Bags Were Packed

And they've gone. :-(
I know you laugh when I say it but it really is quiet here now.

I have added a link to my eclectic list:
Note that this is not a Christian site. It provides info on the actions of muslim terrorists - initially in hopes of shaming them into change but now mainly to keep alive the memories of those who have senselessly died at the hands of some of the fanatics caught up in this brutal religion.
I thought this page had some interesting insights:
addressing what we can do to promote change. My number one activity to promote change (PRAYER) is not listed since, as I said, this is not a Christian site but I don't want you to get all caught up in the reading & forget to pray for the situations & those involved/effected at the same time. Work that multi-tasking brain!
I can hear it now: "Oh, Father, it is horrible that all those children witnessed such an awful thing. Please use Your Mighty Power to open their hearts to the TRUTH of YOU and Your LOVE which is so different from the darkness and death and lies and hatred they see around them..."
I placed this link right before the one that provides resources for Christians to witness to muslims. :-)

Breaking News:
Andrew purchased a car yesterday. I'll give you the stats when I get a picture to post so for now you are just gonna have to wait. Just this tidbit: It is a FORD.

Irony: Andrew doesn't have his license yet so he can't legally drive his own car unless a licensed driver over age 21 is in the front seat. Jacob doesn't own a car. If he & Andrew go somewhere together, Jacob has to be the one driving even if it's Andrew's car.

I get to drive it today to pick-up Andrew from work because Stan took my car.
He's taking those packed bags to the airport in Jax & he couldn't convince either one of his parents to ride in the back of his truck. Imagine that!
I think I'll go make some noise.

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