Monday, June 16, 2008

Spotted Past

We had a busy & successful VBS last week and got Andrew off to camp EARLY this morning so I've been getting a few things done around here: some clutter control, some laundry and spotting a spot on a well used spot of the floor - the spot just in front of our favorite lazy boy (it actually has a few spots of its own...) - I decided to to some spot cleaning so broke out the spray carpet cleaner. While cleaning up all the living room carpet spots that I spotted, another spot came to mind - a notorious spot on my bedroom carpet.

"Notorious? A SPOT?" you say.

Well, really only in my mind.

You see, when we moved here 11 years ago there was a nasty looking rusty brownish spot very prominently displayed on the gray carpet. Stan said that the owners had been unable to get the stain out of the carpet so being busy enough with moving & the four kids (ages 1,3,6 & 8 at the time) & SAD because I was missing home, I did my best to ignore it. But it was RIGHT THERE IN PLAIN SIGHT. It was in a place that was not easily covered so I couldn't just put a potted plant or table over it. I had to walk by it and SEE it. EVERYDAY. I was glad that it was pretty well hidden from company since it was in the bedroom, but I knew it was there.

Periodically, I would look at it & wonder WHAT would make a spot that STRANGE shape and funky color? Who made this stain that I had to live with? How long had it been there? Had the guilty party ever looked at it and sighed, wishing they could go back in time and unmake this blemish on the bedroom carpet, this mark commemorating some disaster?

As time passed, I got used to it being there. Usually, I didn't even notice it or think of it anymore. However, this morning, armed with Resolve Carpet Spray Cleaner & an old towel, after successfully conquering some living room black marks against my housecleaning, I attacked the ancient stain in the bedroom carpet.

And it came out.

11 years I have lived with this eyesore and on my FIRST attempt, I got the stain out. It took a good bit of elbow grease (uh, just translate that to "work" if you don't speak Southern) & pretty much covered the towel with a peach colored substance I now suspect to be makeup - but it is out and all I can think is, "I put up with that stain far too long without even trying to get it out."

While on my hands and knees scrubbing and blotting, my thoughts turned to sin.

Sometimes do I have sin "spots" that I just don't think can come out? Do I not care about them because they are somewhere that other people can't see? Do I get used to them and live with them even though at one time they seemed so ugly and glaring to me?

Jesus died on the cross to pay for my sin & wash me white as snow, scrubbing me clean with his holy blood. I only need to confess and I am forgiven.

Holy Spirit, convict us of the spots in our lives that need deep cleaning. Father, wash us so we can be useful vessels for You. Keep us close to You & clean. I ask this in the precious Name of Jesus.


mCHRISTe said...

That was an excellent comparison, Patti. You should reprint that in the Beacon or somewhere else for TBC.

Love ya,

Patti said...

Thanks. I'll think about that.