Friday, September 3, 2010

A Couple of Special People

recently celebrated birthdays!
One is my mom, dressed beautifully in the the outfit she wore to Jacob & Maryn's wedding, accompanied by the remaining household grandkids also decked out in their wedding attire, behaving themselves nicely.

In this photo I'm just a-tired. LOL :-)

The other is Stan's dad, who you can recognize here as the gentleman politely ignoring the ruffians who stand behind him as the partner in crime father of said ruffians cracks up.

And doesn't he look nice in pink salmon?

Dad just celebrated his 83rd. He said that he & Stan's mom are not planning another big birthday bash for him, as they had when he turned 80, until he turns 90, but I agree with Stan: every year, every day is a gift.
Especially if you can celebrate it with ruffians like mine. :-)

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Alice said...

gotta celebrate every year God gives us! love your family shots :)