Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Return of the Squirrel Mama

A most anxious voice on my answering machine requested assistance in caring for a baby squirrel.

I returned his call wondering if Rachel would be willing to raise another. (Do a site search for squirrel if you want to see the others.) With the rats in her room & mouse-sitting for the weekend, I really wasn't sure what she would say.

I had her pick up the other phone so she could hear his story:
He has a chihuahua. An 18 pounder who is buff & thinks he is Rambo or Rocky or some other tough dude. He is a killer of small animals who infringe on his back yard space.

This dog would not leave his crate yesterday. The man, suspecting "Rambo" had hidden in his crate something that he was not supposed to have, investigated and discovered the baby squirrel, which appeared unharmed.

"Rambo" had to carry the squirrel inside from outside, up steps, through a pet door and through the house to put it into his crate. Then he had kept it warm (the main cause of orphan squirrel death).

But, as the owner noted, "Rambo" couldn't feed the poor thing and with his family schedule, he didn't have time to give it proper care; it needed a new home. Soon.

Could you turn down an orphan with an amazing story like that?

Neither could my daughter.

Meet Acacia.


Alice said...

awww!!!! how precious! i love acacia - what a great name, too :)

Patti said...

That is the name of the company who put on our new roof so I think it's funny that she chose it. She looked it up & said it's Greek for "sweet wood".