Friday, March 5, 2010

Reach the World for Jesus

Once a month my BSF group has a fellowship lunch. At yesterday's, one of the group members testified about being an international internet missionary.

An international internet missionary? What a cool concept! How often is the distance (or $/time to travel that distance) the deterent if you equate missions work with traveling to foreign soils? My friend specifically mentioned corresponding with someone from Germany. What if you could impact the world without having to get a passport or immunizations? You wouldn't even have to get out of your pajamas. Some of you wouldn't even have to get out of bed - but I'm naming no names...

Now, before you get all worked up about all the quacks out there, listen to the rest of what I have to say. (Yes, that means you must read out loud. LOL)

Global Media Outreach is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ > so not some new fly-by-night.

They have an intense interviewing process for those willing to minister to make SURE they know the Lord so will not lead seekers astray. Email addresses are protected by having the site as a "middleman". Potential answers are provided for you to assist in your ministry. You choose the amount of contacts desired. You are required to check your email daily.

Here is the note sent to me from my friend:
This website is looking for volunteers who would be willing to share the gospel w/ seekers over the internet. They provide free training & connect you w/ as many as you are comfortable in responding to. In 2009 alone, they had over 10 MILLION people come to Christ thru their websites!!

Here is a little more info from the site:
Global Media Outreach is a global ministry presenting the good news of Jesus Christ online 24/7. As a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, our goal is to stay on the cutting edge of global communication technologies to share Jesus and help believers grow in their faith worldwide.

The Vision
• Giving everyone on earth multiple opportunities to know Jesus
• Seeing hundreds of million receive Him and building them in the faith
• Connecting them to Christian movements everywhere

The Mission
Conducting relationship building, highly personal, gut-level ministry with people from all countries through thousands of GMO trained online missionaries.

The Opportunity
• Building the Church globally through on the ground partnerships with local congregations of all sizes
• Giving a person anywhere on earth the opportunity to know Jesus for only 10¢

Comments (as well as my tired brain recalls) from BSF group members:
"Who ever thought something like this would be possible?"
"God knew! Part of His plan to reach the world!"
"Jesus is coming soon!"

Amen! Come quickly Lord Jesus!


Sarah said...

Hi! I work with Global Media Outreach, and I came across your blog. This is exciting work. I know that I have personally responded to people from Kenya, Norway and the US in one day! I just wanted to give you another link is anyone is interested in applying with GMO. You can go to or


Anonymous said...

HI Patti,

Toni P., from your HS group, sent me info on this and your website. Thanks so much for getting the word out on this, and I am going to look into this opportunity to share Christ.

Patti said...

PTL! Blog advertising! :-)