Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Silver Anniversary

25 years.
Over half of my life.
Not quite half of Stan's.

1 fun wedding day; 1 life changing car accident
2 jobs for Stan, one at a time, most of the time on B shift (evening)
3 houses, also one at a time
4 children currently aged 21, 19, 16, 13
5 dogs, one right now
6 cats with half of those living here now.

I don't have time to come up with a full list of 25 things since our day is full of LAEP set construction & SR Library clean-up (yes, we are going two separate directions; life is full & blessed) so I'll just hit some biggies:

13 years in FL for Stan. The rest of us celebrate that milestone Memorial Day weekend > so that's half of our married life in FL.

16 years homeschooling with the end in sight; 4 years to go. It's strange even to imagine this ride being over.
Field trips and road trips and trips to the ER
We've been through droughts and floods and hurricanes (you may think I jest but it is true).

20 motor vehicles = cars, trucks, vans & motorcycles > not all road worthy, many having at some time to be dragged home from beside the road and Stan becoming much more familiar with their innerworkings than he desired. PTL for my handy mechanic!

25 years of God's faithfulness & blessing.

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Alice said...

happy anniversary!