Monday, February 22, 2010

Getting Ready for a Wedding: First Shower

As MOG, I was told I would be a "special guest" at this first shower for Maryn & Jacob, thrown by one of her aunts for M's family & parent's church family. Rachel & I got to meet some of Maryn's relatives & get told how much they love my son. That was special all by its self. :-)
Also, the food was yummy.

Maryn looked too cute in her pink "future bride" shirt (or does it say "bride to be"? EEK - I don't remember! Wait a sec while I run through some photos to see if I can read it on one of them... Ah - no such luck. You can trust me though > it was cute, pink & said something about becoming a bride. )
She has kindly offered to procure for me a shirt proclaiming "Mother of the Groom". That could be fun. A plus is that I have her permission to wear it for my other sons when such conditions arise.

No, I will not wear it in anticipation of such conditions arising. :-) Not me! I would never.

When Maryn started opening the gifts, she was told that old tale about having one child for every broken ribbon so she broke none. I told her that I didn't break any either. (grin)

I also said that my grandmother had told me that in her day, it was said that a bride would be blessed with a child for every towel received, so she's up to four, I believe. (another grin)
I didn't mention that Stan & I received 8 or 12...

Isn't this beautiful? This is Maryn's mom's first quilt, made especially for Maryn with the oriental theme she loves. No, it was not a surprise. I believe M helped pick out some of the fabric. Suzanne has been working on it at least since last summer. That is Suzanne standing & helping hold up the quilt.

All the gifts were opened & it was almost time for cake. Maryn & Jacob had received some nice gifts to help establish their own home.

Then we played one game.
A roll of tissue was passed around & we were instructed to take what we needed. ???

Then we went around the room & for each square gave one piece of marriage wisdom/advice. You should have seen the unmarried girls squirm a bit. The one engaged cousin had lots of advice (which is really quite funny if you think about it); Rachel had a couple of offerings including "Don't forget to spend time with me!" & "Take good care of the (Jacob's) birds."

Others that I recall:
*Listen, listen, listen, listen.
*Respect each other.
*Don't go to bed angry.
*Kiss him when you wake up & when you go to bed.
*Wave him off to work & greet him when he returns.
*Remember that he is the leader of the family; gracefully submit even though you know you are right & he is so WRONG.
*Love covers a multitude of sins.
*Leave room in your life for other people.
*No adultery, mental or otherwise.
*Don't get upset about little things such as messy habits.
*Keep growing closer to God & you will grow closer to each other too.
*Get involved in his hobbies (there was a fun fishing story here).
*Remember that he is not there to solve all your problems, that's God's job.
*Always tell him "I love you" when he leaves [because no one is promised a tomorrow].
*Listen, listen, listen, listen.

Good advice even for us old married folks, special guests or not.

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