Saturday, February 13, 2010

Getting Ready for a Wedding: MOG Dress

MOG is a fairly new term for me but in this wedding business, I'd better get used to it. Mother of Groom is a title I hope to be blessed with a couple more times down the road, probably prior to experiencing MOB, although I've heard that girls often "settle down" at an earlier age than guys but I'm in no hurry. God's timing, folks!

One thing I was nervous about was getting the right dress. I was informed that the MOG is seen only 2 minutes max while being escorted down the aisle & leaving, that no one notices the MOG as all eyes are on the BEAUTIFUL BRIDE and that the MOG is to "become one" with the scenery. Nice. But I still wanna wear something I like that will blend in nicely so my DIL 2B is HAPPY - which should help my son to be happy also...
Plus there are those wedding photos which you know last forever. What DIL wouldn't want their fav in-laws hanging on a wall somewhere commemorating their special day?
While fetching Rachel's dress while Maryn was at the mall too, we looked for a dress for me. I kept choosing "wedding horror story" glittery or skimpy or hippy things (LOL!) since I didn't see anything I liked > Maryn didn't think it was as funny as I did. (sheepish grin)

Finally, I found a dress I liked & Maryn liked it too. Problem: It was too big > I like that problem better than some others...
When I found out that the smallest available was still too big, I wasn't about to pay that price for a dress that would have to be fitted. UGH!

I looked some more, even online but that dress stayed on my mind. No, I didn't obsess. Of course not.
Around Christmas I'd prayed & decided that that WAS the dress for me if I could find it again at that smallest too-big size. You can guess the rest: I found it. It was clearance priced by this time (hurray!). It was STILL too big. While I considered putting some weight on to help it fit better Mom reminded me of all the clothes she had made including some bridesmaids dresses for weddings.

When we went to Alabama after Christmas it was Mom to the rescue!!
She fitted & tacked & sewed & fussed about the dress not being made correctly to begin with. It has a symmetry problem but I do too so it was almost like it was made for me...

She worked nearly all night & then the next day too. What a blessing!
It was definitely RE-made for me.

Rachel inherited one of the jumpers Mom made way back when.
You know we had to have a little fun trying things on. :-)

And here is the finished product, complete with shoes. I'm hoping it is neutral enough to blend nicely with wedding colors chosen by upcoming DILs too.
I'm gonna have to wear the shoes some prior to the big day just to get used to wearing heels again. You can see me tripping up the aisle, right? That would be a memory maker.

Guest #1: "Look! The MOG just took a nose dive!"
Guest #2: "Yes, but look at that beautifully fitted MOG dress!"
Guest #3 "And those shoes match so well!"

Actually those shoes seem to fit a little big too. Think I should take them to Mom? Maybe I'll just try to gain some weight in my feet.

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