Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

What are two of homeschooler's favorite things?
Books & bargains!

We were blessed with both last Wednesday when my friend Peggy invited us to tag along on their trip into Gville for the Friends of the Library Booksale. It's nearly as good as $1/bag days at the Community Church Rummage Sale.

It was 10 cent day so we could splurge. Ten books for $1! What a blast we had searching through the dusty stacks for anything worth ten copper Lincolns; treasure hunting.

Me thinks that cart overfloweth with books. Thinkest thou that you wouldst desire to attend next time? October 24-28 cometh quickly so mark thine calendar now!

Another bargain was the Watson Center Expo. Free science displays - some with take home projects & some with food.

Jacob & Andrew participated as a part of their biology class. Andrew's Tangelo & Caleb's Ziggy appeared to sleep through most of the day.

Corn snakes are so tame. This little girl touched Tangelo.

Caleb held him with a little help from Mama Peggy. Bekka even touched him. Maybe Kate too.

Tangelo trying to kiss Caleb on the nose made him snicker. Sssssnakes not in the face are much niccccer.

Andrew looks official interviewing this exhibitor. It was part of his assignment.

I liked this colorful presentation.

Recognize these two guys from church? Tyler won the battle of wind vs. displays by providing the tie-downs.

A few exhibits were displayed indoors. In the air conditioning.

We got home in time for supper (meatloaf & veggies in the slow cooker, bread in the machine & buttermilk pie baked that a.m. - oooeeee - made me pat my feet) then headed to church for a blessed time with the Lord & our spiritual family there.

It was a wonderful day.


Peggy said...

The pics are wonderful!!!

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