Friday, April 24, 2009

Apples & Trees

For me, the most exciting moments of the LAEP occurred the night that as I was closing up the library Kim asked me "did anyone find Stan to tell him that Jacob's broken down beside the road?" It only took a few minutes to ascertain that yes, Stan had been notified & that Jacob was in fact already at church costuming up. Whew.

We've had many vehicle malfunctions. So many that it's almost a tradition. I feel so blessed that God provides with helping hands when necessary (Remember the stranded Beast after partying with the big boys? Thanks again, Tim!), replacement parts - sometimes in the middle of night & nowhere, and the skill & tools in my hubby's hands.

You've heard that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Here is my marvelous mechanic's "apple" putting Lurch back together.
Once they figured out that the "push" & "pull" cables are different & got the correct one in house, it was , as Caleb would say, a "piece of cheese".

Stan helped with the first cable - when they did the learning mentioned above.
Jacob replaced the broken cable himself.
I reminded him to count his blessings getting to work in the garage since Stan's done most of his mechanic-ing on the side of the road or in a driveway.
He's thrilled to have his own wheels back on the road.

We won't be getting any apples from this tree. It's our 4th apple tree to die, one of the first we planted. Stan says no more apple trees.
Goodbye Anna!

Lest I leave you thinking we are plant poor, here's some of the yard successes!

This is kohlrabi & cauliflower & onions.
Don't know why the pc insists the photo belongs this direction!

Chinese Honey.
However, we are not sure if the branches are springing from above or below the graft. Guess only time will tell with this one.

But it has yet to bloom.

The pomegranate is not bouncing back from the confusing winter weather. It was budding all over during 80 degree spells in December. And January. And February.

Our first nectarine.
Poor tree keeps blooming during all the winter warm snaps then freezes back.
I'm thrilled that one hung on!

Persimmon babies!

Stan bought this Maple a year or two ago. We enjoy the fall colors & got the little tree next to it as a bonus. It's pretty too so we let it be.
Those railroad ties are for my backyard garden. I'll show you when we get it put together.
See how protected this tree is? It was grown from an acorn from Stan's sister's old yard by Stan's dad then brought to us when it was a couple feet tall. Burr Oak.

Acorns nearly the size of apples!

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neat! lots of cool stuff in your yard :O)