Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Training the Ear

Caleb & Rachel have been taking piano lessons since last January, with Rachel enjoying the bulk of the lessons during the summer while Caleb worked at SACK.

Rachel has recently began to seek out simple sheet music versions of songs which she likes to learn to play. ("WooHoooo!" says Mom.) The latest of these is "Rocky Top". There was a problem though; our memory of how the song was supposed to sound was different from how the notes were written. Not vastly, but enough to make us tilt our head & say, "That's not right."

So today I sat down with the song sheet & a blue pen & plunked-out (thank you Brother Scott for that properly used term) the song, locating & correcting the wrong notes. It was satisfying to hear the song played properly. We were happy to recognize the right, familiar tune.

Made me think about truth. God's truth is gleaned from His Word. Rightly applied truth is satisfying in our lives. Sometimes we hit a wrong note but His guidance gets us back into playing His song. How I pray that we are so in tune with His Spirit and His Word that we recognize any inappropriately played music, the wrong notes grate on our ears so we say "that's not right" then seek out the Truth so we are not stuck playing the wrong notes. Harmoniously restored.

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