Friday, January 22, 2010

Wet Weather

Yesterday, according to our rain gauge, we received approximately 6 inches of rain!

When I got home from BSF just after 2 p.m., it was coming down so hard that I took off my socks & tennies, rolled up my jean legs, left all my stuff inside Mini & waded to the house. Since I was already drenched (Drenched, I say!) I took the opportunity to clear leaves so the water would flow off of the parking slab then dashed indoors.

Crashing & booming = unplugging of the pcs but here we are safely online today. :-)

The dug-out runoff, gutters and drain mesh all filled up with more leaves and began overflowing so the foyer flooded but only for a little while and we had towels at the ready. The spot on the roof that leaks when the wind blows hard in just the right direction was hit by wind and rain in just the right direction so we had water dripping from above awa spilling in under the door but we, like true scouts, were prepared for that also.

The driveway is rutted and washed out. I've heard the dirt road is rough in places.

Am I down about all this wetness? Oh, no!
The sun is shining today and once again we have an island actually surrounded by WATER. Oh, yea!


luke and wyatt's mom said...

Our neighbor's john boat was sitting on dry land a few feet away from water on Wedesday. Today it is about to float away! We lost a good 20' of land! (Don't know what that equates to in vertical water level, but, whatever it is, we'll take it!) Bring on more rain! :)

Alice said...

we had a ton of rain over here, too. glad your island's back :)

Patti said...

One cool thing is that it is still an island today! Sometimes it only lasts a day or two.
I'm with you, Steph > Bring on the rain!