Saturday, January 9, 2010

Incredible Jump Rope Dancing

Got this link from the guy I used to work for at the Rodeo selling hat pins & belt buckles. He once paid me with a hundred dollar bill then asked me if I was going to frame it. Cool idea.

NO WAY! I was spending that puppy.

Anyhow, about this link: The jump-roping group is called Kings Firecrackers. It was taped during half-time at an Army/Navy Basketball Game in Ohio - part of the fun was seeing how the crowd enjoyed the show.

I'd like to see you try jumping rope like this. Go ahead. Pick a song you like & hop away.

I know you could do it. :-)

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Alice said...

i love the Kings Firecrackers! i've seen this video before (i think it's on my blog somewhere) and i'm glad you posted so i could watch again. i couldn't imagine having that much energy...i'd die! (but i bet they aren't cold today)