Friday, October 30, 2009

19 Reasons to Love Andrew

1. Walks with the Lord & studies His Word
2. He was a sweet baby. And cute too as you can see here.
3. He arrived right on time! And still hates to be late.
4. Wonderful sense of humor & fun
5. Ace's most handsome pet guy/snake-handler extraordinaire
6. Tallness
7. Energetic

8. Competitive - and loves to PLAY
9. Football & basketball fan & player; supports his teams & friends.
10. Good student
11. Excellent eater - Pizza is his fav and he works tomorrow >> hint, hint
12. Great hair (says his barber)
13. Has always been a fab sleeper > would barely stir in his crib for those middle of the night feedings. Don't forget who was there for you, babe.
14. Contemplative yet laid-back
15. Participatory
16. Chews on concepts until he knows what he believes, then stands there firmly.
17. Thrifty yet generous
18. Loves his family (great hugger)
19. Uncomplaining - For example, he will not complain about this potentially embarrassing post in which so many of his wonderful qualities are laid bare for the public to peruse... :-)

Happy Birthday, Andrew!


Alice said...

i always love your birthday posts, patti! they are my favorite things to read on your blog :O). so much love in your family! i think it's marvelous.

Patti said...

Awww. Thanks, Alice!