Monday, August 30, 2010

The Chicken Came First

Then the coop!

Stan, Caleb & Andrew worked on this in July

And early August

The chickens moved in but still like to roam around some.

We have nine. The white Ideals from Ace (look like leghorns to me) are the oldest, hatched before Easter...

and the 2 hens are now laying!

Not the dog. She is begging.
But she will lie down on command. ;-)


Alice said...

hahaha! (pretty cool, by the way)

Patti said...

Thank, Alice!
I appreciate your faithfulness to stop by - even though I've gotten 2B such a blogging slacker. You make me feel loved. :-)

Kimarie said...

Nice coop! We've been getting our first eggs as well from our Barred Rock flock.